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Established in 1999, Copperline is South Korea’s first company to specialize in manufacturing environmentally friendly products utilizing innovative and patented copper yarn fabrics. To be live by its slogan “your key to rejuvenation and everlasting, timeless beauty”, Copperline aims to cultivate a culture of health and rejuvenation and use its global network to engage with clients all around the world.


BKSU, a Korean agricultural corporation, has won 11 COESMETIC CERT JEJU so far, making itself a cosmetic brand that represents Jeju Island. BKSU CEO Gi Bum Kim takes care of each ingredient because his daughter, who has extremely dry skin, will use them. In order to secure the safety of products, Kim administers skin patch tests, thoroughly examines them to ensure that they do not cause skin irritations, and even conducts heavy metal toxicity tests.

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