BKSU Jeju Horse Oil Bio-Cellulose Mask


“When I make our products, I think of my daughter who will use them. I can assure you of their safety. I hope our products will be known as one of the leading brands of Jeju Island.”


What BKSU CEO Gi Beom Kim first developed was ecofriendly skin moisturizer for his daughter with very dry skin. He takes care of each and every ingredient of cosmetics he develops because his daughter will use them. To secure their safety, he administers skin patch tests for all BKSU products that use Jeju horse oil, examines them to ensure that they do not cause skin irritation, and conducts tests even for heavy metal toxicity. BKSU has so far won 11 COESMETIC CERT JEJU, emerging as a cosmetic brand representing the Jeju Island.

This mask contains green tea to soothe the skin exposed to sunlight and horse oil to nourish dry and rough skin, helping to maintain clear skin texture.

Hypoallergenic after the Skin Irritation Test

(Jeju Cosmetic Cert Registration No.: 17L04K002M)


Made in Korea

Dimensions 12.2 × 3 × 17.4 cm

25g/Sheet; 5 Sheets/Box

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