SU Horse Oil – S



• After washing your face with NO.5 Jeju Horse Oil Foaming Cleanser, apply Su Oil in a massage way, and you can experience the bright and radiant skin in the morning.
• It possesses a comprehensive basic skin care effect such as toner, moisturizer, cream and essence. Just applying Su Horses Oil for a high moisturizing effect.
• Even a small amount (as size of a bean) can provide sufficient moisture retention.
• Can be used on face, body and feet. (Get a remarkable effect when applied Su Horse Oil on the problematic skin).
• Apply the Su Horse Oil after using SU Moisture Mask, and gently massage for about 2 minutes to absorb for better skin moisturizing effect.


SU Horse Oil

Excellent skin absorption and perfect moisturizing ability helpful for dry skin.  SU Horse Oil contains 99.97% of Jeju horse oil, which is refined in Jeju with patented BKSU technology. Commitment to Shiny, Lively and Firmed Skin with Excellent Moisturizing Power, a hypoallergenic nourishing oil suitable for the skin.

Made in Korea




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